Thursday, March 15, 2012

About That Strange Hamashbir Letzarchan Door...

A few months ago, I blogged about the new Jerusalem Hamashbir Letzarchan department store.  There's something I find rather sad/funny.

I had asked readers to give their reaction, guess what I found so ironic in this picture.  For some reason, nobody else saw what I did.

The official front door is on the corner of Yoel Solomon Street and Zion Square.  Here on Jaffa Street the door is locked.  It may be the official "emergency exit."  Nowadays, when the threat and fear of Arab terrorism make it necessary for many businesses and buildings to have guards, there generally is only one entrance in use.

Since the original picture I took didn't clearly show that the door is locked, I got up closer the other day to take another picture. 

Actually, I was surprised to see that the "bicycle chain" wasn't over both handles, at least during opening hours.  I'll have to check it out again, if I'm ever there when the store is closed for the night.

The sign says "Entrance Around the Corner."

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Esmeralda said...

Did you ever figured out why there's a bicycle chain there? And did you able to enter to the entrance it was pertaining to? Intriguing.

Esmeralda from panier en osier