Thursday, March 01, 2012

You Can Always Talk About The Weather...

And you can always blog about it, too.
Westbankmama blogged about it today, making a competition to see which Israeli location will top its average rainfall first.

Average rainfall is too low, because it averages in drought years, so if we keep having above average rainfall, the bar will be raised and the new average will be higher than the present low one.  That would be very good.

As you probably know, I work in Yafiz, the clothing chain of Rami Levi, and everyday people come in desperate for winter clothes and boots.  Whatever they had been wearing has worn out, or the kids grew out of the clothes/boots/shoes. 

This year we're having a full winter, thank G-d.

Would you believe that the following picture was taken mid-day?

It does look dark.   I took both photos from inside the shoe store.


Lady-Light said...

Are you saying we are having just an "average rainfall" winter? I haven't seen this much rain here in years. Well, I haven't exactly been here for years, really seems rainy and wet and cold to me.
How does it really compare to past years? Our friends in Hispin up in the Golan said that the Kinneret, for the first time in years, is above the kav hatachton, but still not up to the kav ha-elyon. What do you say?

Batya said...

For the first time in many years, the winter rains started on time, actually on the day we add the extra part of the bracha. For many years there was hardly any rain until after Chanukah.
Years ago, it was "normal" to have a week when the sun didn't show. The past few winters had months with hardly any rain.
Our "red lines" have been erases and redwrawn so many times we don't know what "normal" is.