Sunday, July 01, 2012

Filling in The "Gaps," USA Trip Coming Up

I'll soon be on my way to the USA, OK, in a couple of weeks, but usually those last couple of pre-trip weeks just fly by.

There are visits for which a lot of the social/visiting plans are done way in advance and others, like last year, when I'd call people just that morning and amazingly (thank you G-d) find that they were free exactly when I thought it would be good and convenient for me to see them.

I've sent out a few "I'm coming" notices in facebook and by email and have filled in a couple of "slots" in my calendar.  Davka, the takers have not been my usuals. 

Things may be so tight and time is so short that I haven't even looked for speaking engagements.  I'll have to do that for future trips.

So far it looks like I'll be in NJ, NY, PA and AZ.  That's a lot to squeeze into two weeks when I suffer terribly from jetlag. 

Any takers?  Please contact me if you'd like to f2f, ok...

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