Thursday, July 19, 2012

"I'll Take it as a Compliment"

I'm now in NYC.  Tuesday afternoon I started the trip.  A neighbor took me down to the bus, which I took to Jerusalme.  The transfer to the bus to the airport was complicated.  It should have been easy, but the usual place to drop people off was closed.  So I had to walk down steops with the suitcase and carryon and walk a few blocks to the entrance. 

I had plenty of time.  Time is money, so I had decided on tyhe cheapest route.  Being that I get senior rate, the bus to the airport is best.  When I asked the driver for it, he asked for proof.  He made my day.  I told him that I wasn't annoyed, that...

"I'll Take it as a Compliment"

ps on NJ Transit, they wouldn't accept my passport as proof and I was forced to add to the fare.  Pictures and more of my adventures to follow.

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