Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Merciful Post-3 Week's Havel Havelim

We're finally finished with the official mourning of our Holy Temple.  Now we're supposed to feel G-d's mercy.   Living in the northern hemisphere, there is a sense of relief.  We are now permitted to launder and swim, but I'm still in New York.  Yes, there are washingmachines and swimming pools in New York, but I had other plans for today.  And tomorrow G-d willing I'm flying home.

And in the land of jbloggers, it's business as usual.  There's a new Havel Havelim.  This week's host is Esser Agaroth who has been instrumental in keeping the longest running blog carnival going. Visit and share and thank Ya'aqov for his hard and dedicated work.

Aspiring Mekubal will be hosting next week's edition. You may send him your posts through our on line submission form, or by sending him a personal message through Facebook.  Last but not least, Bloggers, please check out our Facebook Group.

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