Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot, Sauna-Like, Unbearable

There are times when I willingly enter a sauna, but I really don't like one just outside my front door.  It has been that hot of late.  Yes, hot and dry.  I have to keep reminding myself to add a bit of salt to my food, because I'm sweating as badly as I did when my hormones were serenading sayonara.

And we don't have air-conditioning.  Until recently, popular wisdom here in the Holyland was that you don't need it in Jerusalem and the mountains to the north and south.  Well, that was before all the public buildings and transportation began to use air-conditioning.  People got used to the cooled feel and began getting systems that both heated and cooled for their homes. 

All we did was to get shades to keep the sun from invading the livingroom/diningroom in the summer and added a simple standing fan, too.  We trusted cross-ventilation from open windows to keep us comfortable. 

But since our bodies have gotten adjusted to the feel of air-conditioning in other places, our house is suddenly too hot and the outside is worse.  Wearing a large hat and loose sleeves is no longer sufficient defense against the heat.  And it doesn't  help that as I'm aging, my internal thermostat gets stuck.

We really don't have the money to invest in one of those expensive air conditioner-heaters, so sorry you'll just have to listen to my rants.

But at least I have the pool to go to a few mornings a week for a bit.  And that's where I'm off to, right now.

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