Sunday, July 01, 2012

HH Debut for An Aspiring Mekubal

Sometimes I wonder about the names we jbloggers have chosen for our blogs.  What do they say about us?  This blog's name really was more gibberish than anything planned.  I had wanted "meanderings" but found it "taken," so I shortened it to "meander" which was also taken.  Then I added that little "dash" and invented "me-ander." 

It's a rather pathetic story, isn't it?  I'm sure that if I had really thought about it and searched my sometimes too creative brain for something meaningful and catchy, I would have a much more successful blog, but... too late.

No doubt that Michael of "An Aspring Mekubal" has a much better story about the name of his blog.  And now's the time to get to know the blog, because Michael is hosting Havel Havelim for the very first time.

Havel Havelim is the weekly blog carnival, a floating internet magazine made up of various blog posts, on Jewish and Israeli topics.  At this point we're probably the longest running blog carnival on the internet, so it's especially gratifying and encouraging when I see that new bloggers are joining us and volunteering to host. 

Blogs and blogging aren't dead!  Facebook, twitter etc haven't replaced us.  We're actually now using facebook to coordinate the carnival, keeping track of hosts and fb messaging our links.  Not only hasn't facebook killed blogging, but it is being used by bloggers to communicate and share.  It's the secret of our success! Those experts that claimed we're passé don't know bupkes!

So, before I get too off topic, I'll remind you to check out the latest Havel Havelim, visit the posts and share via all the usual social media. 

Michael, welcome to the club; you did a great job.

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