Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last Minute Logistics, Visit to NY and AZ Soon Over

Planning my visits to the states is always difficult.
How long or how short and where to stay etc?

Until a few years ago it was pretty easy, ok easier.  I'd be based in my parents' home.  A mile's walk would get me to the LIRR station and a quick but expensive trip to the city.  There was also a big department store just a mile away.  Shabbatot were at my sister-in-law's or a friend in the city.  I traveled no further than New Jersey to visit relatives, since my sister tried to visit when I did.

A couple of years ago we moved our parents to Arizona to be near my sister.  There is no longer a family home in New York, and I must go to AZ of course.  It's not that I'm not welcome anyplace; it's just more complicated, space for an extra bed and distance.

On one hand, this has been a totally extraordinary visit.  I've seen many, many relatives.  Some I hadn't seen for decades or ever.  Our family ties are wonderful gifts.  I come from two fantastic families.  I'm very lucky. I also have some great friends whom I see each visit.  They are considered family, too.  I have known them for decades. OK, as an old lady I've lived many decades, long enough to get senior discounts in some places.

Now I have a few more people to see and some gift shopping to do.  Today is the 9th of Av, a Jewish fast day mourning the loss of our Holy Temple and Jerusalem.  It's not a meet, eat and shopping day, though a few years ago, my sil and I did some book shopping late in the afternoon.

Of course, considering that I can only take one suitcase, I really can't buy much...


Leora said...

Batya, I'm glad that your trip went as well as it did. You are lucky you can travel (and I mean that your healthy enough to go about from one place to the next like you do).

I'm glad the family connections worked well on this trip.

Batya said...

B"H!!! Maybe some visit we'll even get to f2f.