Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Regular Excercise," Not Exactly

There are many people who think that you/we must eat exactly the same everyday and exercise the same amount everyday.  I used to do that, sort of, but I don't anymore.

My days vary.  I think it's natural.  Recent up-to-date diet advice recommends having one day when you eat much more as a way to keep your metabolism burning up those calories.  Exercise specialists talk more of giving your body time to recover.  And the older we are the more time we need!

As many of you may know, three and a half years ago I managed to lose over thirty pounds, fifteen kilo, and I've kept it off.  Especially the past year my trick has been to vary both my food intake and my exercise a lot.  I have super-active days and wonderfully lazy days.  Around once a week, if I am served some irresistible cake, I'll have some and even try ice cream.

There are days like yesterday when I overdo the walking with a heavy backpack and days like Sunday when I did absolutely nothing stressful at all.

Of course I try not to be one of those who "treats" myself to high calorie foods a few times a week claiming that it's a rare occasion, because that is a problem.  But on my annual trips to the states, if I can't eat my usual cooked vegetables and the only kosher food is Hagan Daz ice cream, so I eat it.  And I eat the high carbohydrate meals on the plane, too.  For a couple of weeks a year when I have so little control over my life, I'll survive.

Obsessing isn't good, either.  I'm psyching myself up for the trip to the states.


Leora said...

I'm sorry your annual trip causes you stress. Traveling can be hard, especially if you like to eat healthy food.

I read that it is a good idea to let one meal digest before eating another. Not sure how one can tell if the first is digested...

Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

several brands of canned tuna and salmon have a OU and are available in supermarkets all over the US. also one brand of Greek yogurt now has an OU and is available all over the US. and canned green beans don't need a hechsher, but Green Giant has an OU. I don't know whether you count canned peas or beets as having too much carbs, but those are also options. and you can buy fresh raw veggies anywhere - tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc. just wash and eat - you don't even need to cut them up, but a plastic knife will do.

for packaged veggies (e.g. shredded lettuce) you do need to look for a hechsher; Dole has it on some (not all) of their ready-made salads.

so you can save the Hagen Dasz for dessert and not your main dish! (although having it as a main dish does sound like fun ;)

for people who don't limit carbs, there are additional kosher options (such as crackers with an OU, fresh fruit, and canned corn) available in any supermarket, anywhere in the US.

Batya said...

Leora, I try to go by the don't eat new food until you eliminate yesterday's. That's why I start my day early with water and coffee.

Leah, yes, I also eat fresh fruit and nuts when I travel. thanks