Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Packing, Freak-Out

I had been blessed with more grandkids I doubt if I'd be able to buy gifts for everyone.  This one suitcase 50lbs luggage limit is awful.  I came with a half-empty suitcase, but still I'm afraid I bought too mcuh and I didn't buy much at all.

OK, I did buy shoes for me, a lot, and my husband a couple of pairs.  I discovered Marshall's shoe store next to Fairway in Westchester.  If my husband's shoes don't fit, he'll just sell them (ok I will) and use the money to buy in Israel.

I'm putting as much as I can in my carryon which is both a wheeling bag and a backpack, but it's not all that big.  Next time I'll have to buy a better and bigger one.  I can put it on my back and wheel the suitcase.  And of course I have my giant pouch which also should be replaced. I didn't see any at all.

I guess it's timeto finally fully finish my packing.

G-d willing, next post from the HolyLand.

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