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Friday, November 18, 2011

Before Shabbat, Visiting Some Blogs and Dealing With The Unexpected

Sometimes Most of the time we must "go with the flow."  We make our plans, and then... things change.  When I was a teenager, actually it was the year of that first big New York blackout, I studied Modern Dance Choreography with Laura FormanMy mother had gotten Laura's permission to enroll my much younger sister in the same class, even though we're six years apart.  One very important lesson for life I learned from Laura was that if you fall while performing, get up gracefully making it look like it was planned as part of the dance.  There's never any guarantee that things will go as planned, so you must make the best of it.

Yesterday was once of those days.  Actually, things had been going well.  I cooked for Shabbat, got the rooms ready for guests, went to the cemetery for the 20th yartzeit of my friend Rachella Druk and got to Jerusalem on schedule for the opening game of the Jerusalem Lions American Football in Israel season.  Since it was scheduled as the second game of the night and I had plenty of time,  I was keeping warm in Center 1.  Then I got a call that for various reasons, the game was cancelled/postponed.  Now, I don't go to these games because I'm a football fan.  I go to watch my youngest play and see my other Jerusalem kids.  So, instead of the game, I met them for a snack and then took the bus home.  It was nice seeing them in a warm restaurant rather than sitting on those cold, icy cold and sometimes wet bleachers in Kraft Stadium.  What we don't do for our kids....

Now, for the visits!

The Rebbetzin's Husband asks about the concept of worship, especially Jewish compared to Christian.  They worship their G-d while we respect/fear ours.

Rickismom also spells crembo with a "c."  See what she says about them.

Jennifer posted about the ALYN bike ride.  My elder son spent too weeks there over twenty years ago...

If I ever make it to LA, I'd like Sarah to take me to these gorgeous places.

Hadassa's kids are among the minority of their generation with a parent who cares and enforces proper grammar

"Hadassa, I hate to break it to you, but things will only get worse, once these kids are the teachers and don't know proper English."

Sadly, I must say that Dry Bones is right, again.  Not sad that he's right, but his message is depressing.

Lady-Light is disappointed in US Presidential candidate Cain for many reasons.  His disdain for reading and degree in Math show he's probably dyslexic, uneven school talents.  The world's salvation won't come from politicians or businessmen.

Have a wonderful Shabbat and please visit the blogs I've posted here and send them my regards...


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I am so sorry--didn't even know that you linked my post--thank you! (Guess I'm gettin' old, too...!)

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