Saturday, November 05, 2011

Clowning Around and A לך לך Lech Lecha Lesson

Clowning is big in Israel.  Medical Clowning is a recognized profession.  One of the special enrichment courses my granddaughter is learning in her Gifted Students Program is "Clowning."

The other night at work, before the downpour, some non-customers bounced into Yafiz.

Earlier in the week, I had spied this guy in the Mamilla Mall.

As I've said many times, living here in Israel is nothing like one would imagine from all that the media shows. 

This week's Torah Portion of the Week is לך לך Lech Lecha Go, For Your Own Sake!  From my earliest Jewish studies, I've been attracted to this week's reading.   It's so clear that we're supposed to be living here in the Land G-d showed Abraham.  The Torah tells us that the early days were difficult for Abraham, his wife Sarah and their followers.  When we first came to Israel, in 1970, Israel seemed difficult and "backwards" compared to New York.  In the past forty-one years, the Israeli standard of living has jumped enormously.  Israel is not the same country it was then, for good and for bad.  But Israel is our country on OUR LAND!  It's the only place I'd ever want to be, no joke.

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