Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crembos or Krembos, Just Havel, Havel Havelim

Yaaqov is sure plugging crembos, ok, krembos this winter.  Even his Havel Havelim is named after them.  Yes, when the weekly jblog carnival needs someone to save host it, we have Yaaqov to the rescue.  Thanks Yaaqov!

Nu, have you checked out the latest Havel Havelim?  Visit and share, the blog carnival and all the posts.  And send yours in if you're a blogger.

Yaaqov mentions a serious problem.  Blog Carnival, the free service that sends blog post (article) links to the hosts, has been giving trouble for the past week and a half.  Simply put, the links aren't getting to the hosts.  It's a bit tricky. It seems to work when you send in a link, but you don't get a receipt and the host doesn't get the link.  I don't know if the instacarnival is accessible. 

I'll find out soon enough, since I'm due to host the next Kosher Cooking Carnival next week.  G-d willing, by then things will be back to normal, but what if it isn't? And even if it is, there's no guarantee that it won't snafu again.  Since I know Yaaqov's address, email that is, I just mailed him a few links for HH.  So, I suggest that for the Kosher Cooking Carnival, send via Blog Carnival and to be safe send here, too, with KCC as subject.

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