Friday, November 25, 2011

Unwinding, I Wish

The downside of working nightshift at Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin,  is that no matter how tired I am by the end of the shift, I can't fall asleep.  I keep trying all sorts of things to unwind when I get home.  Nothing works.  Even when my mind is blank, like last night, I can't fall asleep for the longest time.

At work, like performing in the theater, I enter a special energy zone, and it's hard to remove it.  Selling, like teaching, is a performance art. 

For me, nightshift ends up being about eight hours.  Because we don't have frequent or hourly bus service I get to work an hour earlier than needed. I do a drop of shopping in Rami Levi discount supermarket and then I sign in to work.  After Yafiz closes at 9:30 we straighten up for about a half hour.  And then I must find a ride home.  Last night, a girl from Ofra who works in Rami Levi found us a ride.  It ended up going to Shvut Rachel and the driver took me into Shiloh, all the way up the hill.  The walk home was barely three minutes.  Then I washed dishes, put some groceries away, other chores, ate a drop of pea soup, checked emails and still couldn't fall asleep after getting into bed.  Eventually, I did, but it took well over half an hour, and it was very late.

This unwinding problem must be physical.  I wish I knew some "pressure points" to press to relax me.  I only drink coffee early in the morning, so it's not from caffeine.

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