Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Let's Visit a Few Blog Friends

I'm really tired and afraid that I may start kvetching, so as not to bore you, let's visit a few and varied blog friends.  I have been trying to find some new blogs to visit and am very disappointed to see how few bloggers show blogrolls nowadays, even when they have two sidebars.

I'll start with Heshy who usually "teases us" about the less serious side of frum life, but today he has made a good point.  A Beit Din that withholds conversion certification is no different from a husband withholding a Gett.  I agree.

You're Not Crazy is smart to be working on her Hebrew.

Raising a teen can be difficult enough, but when the teen is a strong-willed girl with Downs Syndrome... read how rickismom is trying to help her daughter keep to a diet.

Mystical Paths is no usually associated with motorcycles, but they're the theme of this interesting post.

Dry Bones was inspired by Zorba the Greek!

Jameel wonders how pc we must be.  Is it immoral to "boycott" those who support Arab terrorists?

Mother in Israel brings up a good point about flexible maternity leave here in Israel, but more research would have made it a better post. 

Sarah designed my blog banners and is also a great photographer.

I haven't blogged about the geography problem the US State Department has about Jerusalem being in Israel or some stateless status.  Eric did.

Please visit and send my regards, thanks.


Sarah Likes Green said...

thanks for the shout out!! :)

mother in israel said...

Thanks for the link and constructive feedback, Batya!

Batya said...

Sarah, my pleasure
mii, It's definitely an important issue. I just don't trust newspaper articles as sources for information about Bituach Leumi and other government services.

rickismom said...

Gee, I just noticed this now, you didn't tell me. A quiet chesed.

Batya said...

rm, I didn't have time to comment on everyone to tell.