Thursday, November 03, 2011

Some Pre-Shabbat "Visits"

With winter hours, we have such a short pre-Shabbat Friday for preparation and Shabbat afternoon is almost over before it starts.  So before I start my Thursday morning Shabbat cooking, I'd like to visit some friendly blogs and hope you visit them, too.

The blog across the street has been wearing a cast since just after Rosh Hashannah.  Her attitude and reaction to her injury has been great. 

הכל לטובה Hakol litovah. It's all for the best.
That's what's written on the cast.  Read the story, please.

Another blogger making the best of an unpleasant situation, getting a good laugh is the one and only Chaviva.

And bad for shidduchim also sees the best, realizing that she's a real person.

Adventures in Mama-Land wonders whether or not to answer every call.  Homeschooling is serious business, but she doesn't have a secretary.

The Rebbetzin's Husband asks how to improve our the yeshiva day school system.  What concerns him is the Jewish learning content.  I have a very simple answer.  Make sure every student is totally fluent in comprehending and communicating (reading, writing and orally) in Hebrew.  It's the only way.  Ban all the translations.  Have all of the preschool programs in Hebrew, at least half the day.  And then the Jewish Studies curriculum must be in Hebrew.

Is speaking Hebrew the secret behind Israel's "swat team" victory?  Jameel tells us all about it.

Rafi posted a pic of a poster banning the public wearing of "robes," which are a cross between bathrobes and old-fashioned house-dresses.  To me they don't belong in public.  The comments are interesting.  Women of other life-styles wear denim, which can handle dirt well, but the "robe women" follow a ban on denim.  I used to live in aprons and fabrics that showed dirt easily.  Only in recent years decades can I treat myself to white and other more delicate clothes.

A Soldier's Mother salutes life in Israel, for good and for bad.

The Bima Ima gives us an update on her four adorable kids.

Isramom is also an "Isragran" and blogs too infrequently for my taste.  Here's her latest about true life here.

And more on true life, there's lots more awareness and facilities for the handicapped here in Israel.  A recent visitor was so happy that the stairs on the path from our house to synagogue have railings, and there are also ramps to make it easier and safer.

That's it for today.  Please visit all of the links and tell them that I sent you, of course.


Risa Tzohar said...

I actually thought of doing the November challenge to write every day but then it said you had to be a legal resident of the US or Canada so I didn't do it. So now I hope to try for twice a week (starting next week).

Lady-Light said...

Ooooh, pink. I like it!
These blogs sound interesting. Hope I get to read some of them, maybe tonight...I never/rarely have time to just sit at the PC and surf. The only time I sit here is to blog. Shouldn't even be sitting here now, as I have to work this a.m. But I really felt guilty about not visiting your blogs more often, Batya. So here I am (if I'm late, I'm blaming YOU!)

(To Risa Tzohar: I am attempting to do the NaBloPoMo this month, as I still live in "galut," but as I said in a blog post on Nov. 1, 'don't hold your breath.')

Batya said...

Risa, only North Americans? Well, twice a week from you would still be great. Of course we could try to meet f2f more often or talk.

LL, I'm glad your daughter is improving. I checked out her blog but it hasn't been updated. PS the pink has been for awhile...