Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tweakin' the Routine

On my early morning days, when I pack food and coffee, I'd been pouring the coffee into the thermos after drinking my mugful.  Actually I'd been doing it closer to leaving the house time, rather than when pouring the mugful for early drinking.  It always added extra stress to my "before I leave the house time," especially since I'd reheat it, actually add coffee and water to the percolator.

So... this morning, as I was preparing to make my very early coffee, it hit me, like a pail of ice water, bolt of lightning, cup of delicious, steaming coffee or whatever... I should make more coffee, enough for early mug and the thermos* I'm taking.  And then, after pouring the yummy caffeine-laden magic into my mug, I could pour the rest, along with sugar and milk into the thermos and I don't have to do it when I'm stressed out rushing to leave the house.

So, now my backpack is totally prepared to go with food, water and coffee.  I cooked breakfast before I went to sleep.  The bag of today's food had been in the fridge since before I went to bed.  Now It's in my backpack.

G-d willing, my traveling will be good, safe and on-time, with time to walk a nice long part of the way.

*ps I first "heat up" the thermos by filling it with boiling water, so it's hot before the coffee goes in.


Julie@walkablejlm said...

At least your kids are grown (from what I understand) and you only have to pack stuff up for yourself ...

Batya said...

Julie, true, but I did pay my dues as a mother of five. I also pack for my husband.

Actually, when my youngest was in jr high I realized that he needed real meals for the long day. He'd walk to school with hot burekas and other goodies.