Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last Night's Local Shiloh Elections

I live in Shiloh, a small Israeli town, in the same location as the Biblical Shiloh where the Mishkan, Tablenacle stood as the central place for Jewish prayer 369 years,  Chana prayed and the Kohanim and later Samuel the Prophet ruled and guided the Jewish People according to G-d's words and instructions.

Today's modern Shiloh is ruled by Israeli Law and local democracy.  And for some reason, my neighbors keep nominating me for the local election board.  We organize the voting for our local council.  Every year half the council members are replaced with new ones; it's a two year term.  For over twenty-five years, there has hardly been more than one election without me. 

I agree to serve, because I love the oppoortunity to meet my neighbors.  It's a great social event for me. 

My husband and I have lived in Shiloh for thirty years.  We've been part of the growth.  Today, many of the young families are second generation.  Children of the alumni of our local attend it today, and last night we had two generations voting in many cases.  As a frequent trempistit,  hitchhiker, I relished the chance to thank some neighbors whom I had never met outside of their cars.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from the elections.  All were taken by me except for the one I'm in which was taken by my husband.

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