Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Strange Weather and Electrical Outages, Not Just Israeli Phenomena

One of my great, unforgettable old childhood memories is going to the beach, Far Rockaway, NY, with relatives, the very end of October one year.  It was a rare, very hot fall day, record-breaking no doubt.  It was probably the same date, decades (half a century) earlier, as the recent October snowstorm which has left millions on the East coast without electricity and even caused deaths.

For many here in Israel, we frequently think and claim that unexpected weather and electrical problems are more common here than in the states.  The America we know and remember had a "superior infrastructure."  I'll never forget that first major electrical outage in the early/mid-1960's New York.  It was very traumatic.  Such things just didn't happen in superior, advanced United States.  Well, I guess things have changed.

Yes, we here in Israel, especially in the smaller towns, like Shiloh, do suffer periodic outages.  I hope that last winter's repairs will prevent us from suffering electric stoppage due to "morning dew," which plagued us last winter almost every morning for a few minutes 6-7am.  You could almost set your clock by it, if it was battery-run.

Some of my facebook friends have been updating about life sans electricity.  OK, how are they communicating and keeping their whatevers charged when there's no electricity at home?  I guess they have phone lines, maybe cell, and go places to charge communications appliances.  At least they're not incommunicado.  I understand that hotels and motels are filling in those areas.

Well, now that it's clear that America is no longer technologically superior to Israel, will that encourage people to move here?

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