Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kislev KCC to Warm You Up, Or Cool You Down

Yes, although I've always been in the Northern Hemisphere, I know that some of you readers live south of the equator.  Kislev is the month in which we feel whatever strong/extreme season has begun.  Here in Israel, we've already had winter (only) rains and have turned on our heaters.  There's enough variety in this Kislev, the Kosher Cooking Carnival comes out monthly, according to the Jewish Calendar, Kosher Cooking Carnival to suit the needs of all, no matter where you are. 

KCC is a round-up of blog posts about kosher food, kosher cooking, kosher cookbook and restaurant reviews, Halachik Jewish Law posts about kosher food etc.  You can submit your articles/posts via blog carnival.  It's also possible to host one of the monthly editions; contact me for details.  Please be sure to visit the various links and share them around.  The success of KCC is up to you.  Thanks for participating.

Abeach Cottage presents Beach Cottage Too Easy Banana Bread Recipe posted at A Beach Cottage. *Yes, I noticed her mention of Christmas, but the recipe is kosher and a good way to use up soft bananas.   

Ilana-Davita presents Root Parsley Recipes posted at Ilana-Davita.

anything kosher!

Chaviva presents Fall Food: Sweet and Savory posted at Just call me Chaviva, saying, "A sweet and savory fall soup!"

Sarah presents [sweet or savory?] pesto pizza posted at sarah's view, saying, "Easy, TASTY and healthy pizza recipe with a meat or dairy variation!"

Jay3fer presents It’s the Great… posted at Adventures in Mama-Land, saying, "I don't know where pumpkins got their "goyish" reputation (okay, maybe the scary faces carved on them around here in October!), but there is nothing more frugal or wholesome to have tucked away in the freezer all winter long..."

Yosef presents Solving the Leftover Turkey Dilema: Dairy-Free Turkey & Leek Pie, inspired by Jamie Oliver posted at This American Bite.

Leora Wenger presents Mock Chopped Liver with Lentils, Walnuts, Onions, Cumin, Coriander posted at Here in HP, saying, "Once again I find a spread that works well on challah."

Yosef presents Turkey Mushroom Soup posted at This American Bite.


Mrs. S. presents Freshly Baked Friday: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bars Edition posted at Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress, saying, "Thanks for all your hard work, and Shabbat Shalom!"

Batya (yes, me,) presents Coffee Chocolate Chip Cake, Rated "Better Than The One We Bought You" posted at me-ander.  That was said by teenage boys, so that's proof that the cake was great!

diet food

Yosef presents Two Bean Soup with Kale (Thank You to Ann) posted at This American Bite.

economical use of left-overs

Emily Segal presents Salad in Winter: Jumbo Croutons Balsamic Vinaigrette posted at Triumph Wellness*Here, too, I've decided to include the soup, which is kosher, although the blog has a different agenda.


Mordechai Torczyner presents Still think you can trust the fish counter? posted at The Rebbetzin's Husband.

Jay3fer presents Cranky Complaints-Lady Cooks Kosher-Style posted at Adventures in Mama-Land, saying, "where halacha and Canadian law intersect..."

Jewish Shabbat and Holiday food

Tali Simon presents Upside-Down Vegetable Tower posted at More Quiche, Please, saying, "Thanks for considering me for inclusion in the next Kosher Cooking Carnival. This dish is great for Shabbos but could be used during the week, as well."

Lady-Light presents Yummy Recipe for Sukkot from the Leaders of Ohr Chadash posted at Tikkun Olam, saying, "This recipe sounds delicious, but we were unable to make it where we live in GALUT, because you just can't get raw kosher turkey pieces here! All my kids in Israel who ate it (3 outa 5) said it was great, though!"

Jay3fer presents On Baking Challah posted at Adventures in BreadLand, saying, "Why do YOU bake challah? A little more philosophical than my usual for the bread blog..."

Restaurant or Cookbook Reviews

Ilana-Davita presents Kosher Revolution ? a Book Review posted at Ilana-Davita.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of kosher cooking carnival-kcc using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.  FYI, even though receipts haven't been arriving from BC to those who submit posts, the "instacarnival" includes them all from what I can see.  Yes, I've "cheated" and just edited the "instacarnival."  You can do the same to make hosting easy.  So, I'm repeating:

It's also possible to host one of the monthly editions; contact me for details.

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Sarah Likes Green said...

yum!! :)

Tzivia said...

Mmm... thanks again for another yummy carnival!

Esser Agaroth said...

Great work!

Oy! I forgot to submit my Krembo Challenge!

Phyllis Sommer said...

Great job! Argh, i keep forgetting to submit posts... Oh well, Chodesh tov!

Batya said...

Sarah, Jennifer, Yaaqov and Phyllis, thanks. I'm glad KCC has so many fans.

Yaaqov, I should have included my crembo post, too. Phyllis, I should take my own advice and send to KCC immediately after posting a kosher food post.

Leora said...

Thank you for hosting another delicious carnival!

Corn Bread and KCC

Batya said...

Leora, thanks, and a parve cornbread sounds like a good idea for the next KCC.

Emily Segal said...

Thanks for including my salad and jumbo croutons! I am a Kosher-keeping Jew living in Israel, so I'm not sure what would not be applicable about my entries though? Because my blog is nutrition and health related? Just curious.

Now to check out all the delicious links!

Batya said...

Emily, yes, each time you submit, I double-check, because l'havdil there are commercial spammers with similar titles. But then I see your name and the ingredients and realize that you're legit. Sorry

Pragmatician said...

Many links have been clicked on!Great job.

Batya said...

Thanks, prag, nice to hear from you.

Mrs. S. said...

Great job, and thanks for the link!

Batya said...

Mrs. S, thank you!