Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter, Is It You?

Walking around here in Shiloh, I've noticed a few signs that it must be winter already.  That's besides the colder weather.  I still haven't wheeled the portable radiator into the livingroom.  We've been relying on our south and east-facing windows and insulated double walls for "passive solar heating."  I dread the thought of the increased electricity bills that we'll get after turning on the heaters.

Many yards have that green "baby fuzz" of grass weeds growing.  Here and there I've seen a few crocus blooming, the light purple winter flowers that begin showing after the first rains.

G-d willing, we'll have a blessed year with the right amount of rain. There has been a drought in Israel for many years.  

So please remember that a nice day is a rainy day and a bad day is dry and sunny.


Miriam's Words said...

Batya, your last sentence is such a true sentence.
In the rest of the world, rain is taken for granted and people call rain a nuisance, an inconvenience. But here in the Holy Land, [where it doesn't rain very often in the South] rain is such a Bracha. Every time it rains, we say Baruch Hashem.
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!


Batya said...

Yes, Mirim, rain in the right quantities at the right time is a blessing. Without it, we're dead.