Tuesday, November 08, 2011

B"H, Thank G-d, Great People!

Yesterday, I kvetched a bit about my trip home late Sunday night.  I got home so totally exhausted, wiped out that I was still tired when I got to work at Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin in the afternoon. 

Work really stimulates me.  It's performing for a usually enthusiastic audience.  They like my spiel better than the students did the last couple of years I had been teaching.

But when the curtain goes down, my energy goes with it.  I must take a picture of how the store looks when closing.  There actually is a very heavy "curtain" closing part of the store.  By the time I signed out, my energy was long gone.  The Rami Levi workers at the exit were very concerned about how I'd get home.  Monday may have a few more customers than Sunday, but nobody could find anyone from my area to give me a ride.  That's right.  The Rami Levi people made it their job to ask the Jewish customers where they were going.  I couldn't move from the seat they insisted I rest in.  So, finally, I agreed that, like the night before, I must take a ride to the bus stop at Ma'avar Michmas, the road to Psagot, Kochav Ya'akov/Tel Zion.  It was all arranged for me.  The supermarket was no longer allowing customers in, so there was no chance of a better ride.  I was psyching myself up to have to stand there again until the bus came.  I knew there was a better chance for a tremp, because a neighbor had told me that there was a parents meeting at the girls high school in Kochav Ya'akov.  But I'd still have to wait, standing in the cold outside.

Just as I was about to get into the car, another pulled up.  The driver got out and was told that the supermarket had already closed and wasn't accepting customers.  As he went to check, I asked where he lived, "Ofra."  So, I asked if I could ride back with him, whenever.  "Yes," was the answer, so I told the other people that I didn't need the ride. 

In a minute he was back.  We talked on the way and it ended up that he knows my daughter, and my grandson is a friend of his son.  A minute after getting off at Ofra, I got a ride to the Shiloh Junction.  The driver took me in to the security gate, and two minutes after that neighbors from my neighborhood stopped and gave me a ride.  They had, davka, been at that high school parents meeting.

G-d is good! That's for sure.

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