Monday, November 21, 2011

Women Can Now Pray in The Egged Jerusalem Synagogue!

When the new Jerusalem Central Bus Station aka CBS opened a few years ago, it touted the fact that there's a synagogue.  For many men, this was great news, since that way they could doven pray with a minyan proper quorum of ten or just pray in a place designated for prayers, where they won't be bothered or jostled.  As a woman who also prays (ok two out of the three daily prayers) I was disappointed, because there wasn't an Ezrat Nashim women's section.  I'd still have to find some wall or corner or just wait until I got into the bus to pray.

Especially since the lightrail, (trolley) began rolling, I have only very rarely made it to the bus station. I usually walk to the Shmuel Hanavi stop at the beginning of Sderot Eshkol or take the train too Ammunition Hill to catch my bus, either to home or work.  Last week, I got to the CBS with enough time to use the WC (which is right next to the synagogue) and noticed this sign:

There's now an עזרת נשים Ezrat Nashim, Ladies Section in the synagogue.  I was pressed for time, so I didn't investigate/photograph any further.  G-d willing, in the future I will...

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