Friday, February 16, 2007

-- hitting the fans?

I'm having trouble decided whether this post belongs on this blog or Shiloh Musings. Is it a women's issue, sexual abuse, or Israeli politics?

One of the top female Labour Party politicians, Colette Avital, has not only denied a rumour that she was/is a having an affair with Teflon-coated-Shimon Peres, but she has now publicly accused "someone powerful--no name" of having made unwanted and uninvited sexual advances.

This is at the same time that Israeli President Katzav's Impeachment hearings are beginning for the same sort of crime, and to make matters even more complicated, both Peres and Avital are opposing candidates, in a large field, to replace him as President.
What I find very disturbing is that The Jerusalem Post article about it was hard to find, hat tip to "protexia," and I didn't see any reference to it on the other Israeli news sites. Maybe if I had been online last night I would have found more. I presume that Peres's Teflon is protecting him, since the accusations against Katzav and Ramon got much more play, even though the accusers were anonymous and unknown to the Israeli public.
Ladies, the lesson is that the media will believe the guys they like and, your accusation will be ignored, but if the media is searching for dirt, they'll help you with revenge.


sara g said...

Interesting. (I didn't see it in any of the newspapers - maybe it has a small mention somewhere.) But after reading the link in the JPost - did she accuse Peres or some unnamed person?

muse said...

The text of the article seems to have had been changed, so I changed my post in accordance.

Lakewood Venter said...

Peres? wow. he must be taking Viagara!

muse said...

I always think of him as being a Dorian Gray.