Sunday, February 11, 2007

good thing they live nearby

My daughter and family escaped their stinking house last night after driving home from Metar (near Beersheva.) Something "went wrong" with their neft, kerosene, heater. They called us to warn that they'd be arriving, grabbed a few things they'd need for today and drove over.
Everything they brought stank, so I set up a folding clothesline in our closed entrance, bathroom door and window open, and we went to sleep. Now it's morning and it still stinks.
Luckily our elder daughter slept well and was peacefully transferred to a bed here, but the little one was wide awake and ready for fun.
When I showed my daughter my new hot-red cellphone Porat grabbed it.

"Tzalem, tzalem; I want to take a picture!"

My daughter explained that she knew it was a camera since it had a color screen. Really? I didn't know that. Before I could say:

Don't touch! It's not for almost 2 year olds!

Her father had unlocked the keyboard and she was shooting away. I still hadn't figured out how. She pressed something that put them in cute frames. Then he took a picture of her and made it my "home display" or whatever it's called.
I took the camera back. When I learn how to send the pictures to the computer, bli neder, I'll post it.
Yes, this is the dawn of a new age.


marallyn ben moshe said...

shavuah tov muse...i love it...babies know two year old granddaughter was talking to me for five minutes before the four year old turned to me and said, 'don't worry bubbie we don't understand her either'...but he can turn on the tv and video and dvd and radio and take pictures too...i tsitter every time he comes near my computer lolol...a sweet shavuah tov my friend

muse said...

thanks, marallyn, they are something aren't they?

Were we like that at 2?