Saturday, February 17, 2007

I finally did it right!

Once my kids began tasting the "better things in life" they announced that I didn't know how to make rice.

My married daughter is now a member of a family that eats rice as often as we eat noodles, which I can eat morning, noon and night, if it weren't so fattening. She frequently ends up cooking a batch before Shabbat, so her family won't suffer.

This week, since we had to make a quick birthday party of 2 year old Porat, and she said she'd be late, I decided to risk it and make a batch of rice all by myself the way I've seen her do it.

this is what I did:
  • I put enough water in the electric kettle
  • I started checking the rice, but I measured what I was using
  • I put some oil to heat in a good pot
  • when I finished checking the rice I put it into the oil, added some salt, pepper and paprika
  • then the boiling water--double the amount I had used as rice
  • closed the pot
  • kept cooking for 20 minutes
  • then turned off the flame
  • and the next day my daughter gave her approval.


The Babka Nosher said...

Sounds tasty. I'll have to try that!

muse said...

It actually is, and I forgot to mention that I did something she didn't notice, but would have had objected to in principle. I used the remainders of two types of rice.