Monday, December 29, 2008

Interchangeable Meals

Maybe I'm just peculiar, but being a real breakfast eater, I find myself with "interchangeable meals." Today I had fish (salmon), sweet potatoes, carrot, squash and onion with some salad. Yes, for breakfast.

I'll have my eggs (vegetable omelet) for lunch at my daughter's, when babysitting.

It's a bit complicated when planning my Start Fresh kosher diet meals. I'm in a rush, so I just wrote it, like I was having fish for lunch and eggs for breakfast. I know that the "customer support" will just say something like:

"If it's good for you, and the daily intake is in the diet, do it."
I do feel good doing it this way. I don't feel heavy and weighted down after eating. I feel energetic, and I don't suffer food cravings. That means that it's a good diet for me.

Lots to do today, and sitting by the computer is too sedentary.


Anonymous said...

yes, you are well trained by now and know the answers yourself... You can eat the foods on your menu at any period during the day as long as you are not eating too much at one time and you are spacing your meals with at least 2-3 hours.

Batya said...

It's really one of the great things about the diet, the common sense and flexibility.