Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Easier Way to A Fancier Chicken

Cooking does not have to be complicated.  I generally make chicken the same way every week.  After soaking in a large pot, changing the water and then cleaning it by pouring boiling water over it to more easily remove the remains of the feathers, I usually put the pieces in a large baking tray, dribble freshly squeezed (from my hand) lemon juice, then sprinkle paprika, pepper, garlic and sometimes more spices.  Then I bake the chicken in a hot oven until crispy on the outside and well-cooked inside.

But sometimes I add other things, like wine we didn't like, which is really good cooked with onion slices.  Or pour leftover fruit juice with or without slices of fruit or fruit from a can which has been sitting in the closet for who knows how long.

You can also cook the with vegetables, which I don't do all that often, since I don't like my vegetables overcooked and it takes much less time to cook the veggies than the chicken.  If you want them cooked together, then add the vegetables when the chicken is almost fully cooked.

Since we keep kosher, we don't cook poultry or meat with dairy.  We don't eat them at the same meals either.

Any other tips or ideas welcome via comments.


Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

my mother's "secret" recipe - wine (or grape juice) + orange juice + ketchup. I usually add onion (one small onion, quartered) and garlic (either granulated garlic, or a few fresh cloves of garlic, sliced). if I feel like it, I also add pepper, paprika, and/or oregano.

my mother-in-law's "secret" recipe - use red pepper instead of black pepper.

Ariella's blog said...

Some easy chicken marinades that don't call for marinading time are a mixture of orange juice, lemon juice, and honey (spices optional) OR ketchup, soy sauce, and honey. You can also make an all-in-one pot chicken with onions, garlic, spices,some water and quartered potatoes. If you prefer it baked, you could lay it all out in a 9 x 13 pan.

Batya said...

Leah, sounds yummy. Is that what you're going to serve me?
Ariella, good ideas, thanks

Ben David said...

Secret Ingredient: Stick Blender.

Everyone cuts up at least an onion, and possibly some other vegetables, to throw in with the chicken.

The stick blender transforms those softened veggies - and the fatty cooking juices - into a smooth and delicious gravy.

No need to cook the juices with flour or other thickeners.

Pour juice into a bowl, pick out cooked veggies. Stick in the blender, and puree.

You may even be able to move the chicken aside and puree right in the post you cooked in. One less dish!

The resulting thick sauce keeps chicken moist while it waits for everyone to come home from shul. Also excellent spooned over rice or other starches.

Batya said...

Ben David, years ago I bought one of those stick blenders but recently gave it to my daughter. I'm not a gravy person. I find that heating the food in a good covered pot keeps in moist.
But I'm sure your idea will help others.