Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yummy, Simple and Delicious Vegetables, Cook and Serve

The trick to making this fantastic vegetable dish is a pan you can bake and serve in.

I'm in the market to stock up on some new ones.  One can never have too many, especially when you serve/cook as many vegetables as I do.  My husband and I are both trying to keep our weights down, and the key is to eat a lot of cooked vegetables.  Here are squash, carrots, celeriac and dla'at,  pumpkin.  Sometimes is set it up very orderly, but the day I made this one, I didn't.  You can also cut the vegetables in various ways. 

Once it's ready for the oven, I sprinkle oil and sometimes some spices or herbs or both.

Every time I make it, it's different. Be creative, enjoy...

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