Thursday, May 26, 2011

When You're Looking For Something To Say

One of the perks of blogging is that I get the opportunity to review some very interesting books.  I do appreciate it that some publicists offer me books to read and write about*.  There's one I've been looking at for a while already.  Why has it taken me so long?  Besides being busy, it's a collection of "contemporary reflections on the weekly Torah Readings."  So I find myself looking at it weekly, chapter by chapter.

This Gefen Publication is an attractive easy to read book with short, but not too short, messages, Divrai Torah, Torah thoughts about the various Parshot Shavua, weekly Torah Portions.  Each concentrates on one short aspect.

It's the perfect book for someone who wants to enrich his/her Shabbat meal with Torah words or just wants to learn a bit something extra about the weekly Torah Portion.  Each chapter is short enough to be read at the table during the meal and can be used to begin a discussion.

For me, The Fire and the Cloud is a departure from my usual Torah and Tanach (Bible) studies.  I'm generally very text oriented, and Rabbi Bigman takes a different approach.  I've found something new and interesting in every chapter.  Rabbi Bigman uses all sorts of references, Medrash, Chaza"l, Kuzari and other Torah chapters to enrich the learning.

Yes, I highly recommend The Fire and the Cloud by Rabbi David Bigman.

*Publicists are invited to contact me.


Lady-Light said...

As a blogger, I, too have been asked to review books. I don't believe any of them were on Jewish themes, besides which, with what is going on in my life today--first my daughter, then my dear friend's death in Israel (Uri Dassberg, z"l) from a terrible car accident (...or terrorist attack; the investigation is pending...), I have no time nor heshek to read or review anything.

Batya said...

LL, you're having a very tough time; may G-d give you strength and health.

I've gotten some fantastic Jewish books to review, including fantastic cookbooks. I'm very grateful. It's a bonus.