Saturday, May 07, 2011

Keeping the Teas Fresh and Organized

We buy all sorts of herbal teas and have been doing it for decades.  Actually, I've been trying to reduce the variety we buy, because we (guests and I) don't drink many of them. 

I store the teas in glass jars.  And I label the jars to make sure I know what's in them.

I'm not the most organized person in the world, but I do this.  Actually, I hadn't done a big organizing of teas for ages, maybe even years.  But Friday, before Shabbat for some reason, I just got fed up. There were too many boxes in the closet.  After Passover, it's always a mess, because we buy new teas and "sell" the old. 

I took everything out, jars and boxes and began emptying boxes into jars of the same teas.  Of course when I did that I first emptied the jars to put the fresher tea bags on the bottom.  Some jars were empty, and I'm not buying that flavor again, so they got put in the sink after their labels were ripped off.  Other teas needed new jars etc.

When we have guests I let them choose tea from the closet.  They're even allowed to "sniff" first.

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