Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nail Polish... The Problem

Well what's the worst problem with nail polish?

OK some people really don't like it.  Some people don't like the smell. 

I can live with the smell.  That's not the worst aspect as far as I'm concerned.  What drives me crazy is how long it takes for the coats to dry.  I never had the patience.  Even for my wedding, the first time I ever had a manicure I ended up smudging it.  Some how I had been allowed to escape the place before my nails were fully dry.  I took off the polish before the wedding.  They were smudged.  I wonder if anyone noticed, but you can see in the pictures.

I only got three out of the four coats on tonight, and I can't wait up until a fourth coat is on and dry.  I should have stopped after the second coat.

Does anyone have any "tricks?"  I'd appreciate it.  And if we're talking about tips on drying the nailpolish, what about a tip on getting the polish on the nail and not the skin?

Just asking...


Sarah Likes Green said...

If you're impatient, do the top coat a few hours later or the next day. Make sure you dry the first layers as best as possible in front of a fan and that helps.
Otherwise I use OPI Drip Dry which sets it fast, still have to be careful but it makes it dry quicker.

Batya said...

You're right, Sarah, I must give myself more time for it.