Tuesday, May 03, 2011

JPIX in Bloom!

JPIX is the third Jewish blog carnival.  It gets published a few times a year, and today is one of those special days. 

This edition is hosted by Ilana-Davita, who lives in France, travels around and posts the most gorgous pictures from all over.

JPIX is coordinated by Leora, an artist from NJ.  If you'd like to host one, she's the one to contact.  And if you'd like to submit a picture post to JPIX, click here.

Following are a few of the featured pictures.  Click them to see their blogs.


Anonymous said...

Lovely mini-JPIX!

Batya said...

You did the hard work.

Ariella's blog said...


Leora said...

Love how you set this up!

If anyone does want to host, summer is open. I'll do fall.

Thanks to you, Batya, for supporting all the Jewish blog carnivals. I look forward to doing KCC early next week.

Batya said...

Ariella, Leora, thanks
Maybe I can host one in early Av, since KCC is covered, and the pool is closed then