Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Am Now Officially OLD!

Yes, it's not just the grey hair, hidden with the still brown for religious reasons.  It's not that I'm a grandmother.  I could have had been one twenty years ago if my eldest had gotten married young, or gotten married at all...

It's not just that most of the people I work with are younger than my youngest child.

According to Israeli laws, rules and regulations, I'm among the ותיקים vattikim old-timers.  I got the official card in the mail from the government.  With that card I can get all sorts of discounts. 

I can't get things for free.  One needs money to pay for what isn't discounted.  But it's still nice.  I've been able to ride the buses half-fair for two years already.

Think about it:
When a girl turns twelve she's Bat Mitzvah, a woman according to Jewish Law, and fifty years after that she passes the next milestone and becomes an official senior citizen.

So, what am I supposed to do? get up on the stage and say:

Now I am an alte bubba!


Risa said...

I think 'alte bubba' is a nicer (more PC) term!
PS - I got there first!

Batya said...

fixed it "big sister"

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Nice! My parents tootled around Israel a few years ago for about 2 weeks before someone actually asked them for the card. They weren't intentionally deceiving anyone - someone told them there was a lower rate, and that's what they paid.
They were maybe in their early 60's at the time...

Batya said...

My parents were 70 before anybody believed they were old enough for the discount. I look awful in comparisan.