Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome Me Back To Blogging

I would have blogged on Friday, but blogger wasn't working.  What would I have blogged about? Good question.  At this moment I can't quite remember.  I think there was something I had started but blogger just died out on me.  When I get to facebook I'll check my pictures, because I think that I had planned a post with a picture.

The blogger malfunction started Thursday I think.  I got a call at work from another blogger who wanted to know if I was also having problems.  But at Yafiz, a clothing store I don't blog; I rarely sit.  There's no desk.  The computer is the cash register. But I don't use that either.  I talk to customers and show them clothes and help them find what they need.  There's nothing sedentary about my job.  It's a good job for someone my age; it keeps me moving.

Considering what I pay for blogger's service, I really can't complain about a day's malfunction.  It is free.

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