Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's Cooking?

Here's the simple chicken and stuffed peppers from two weeks ago, before they entered the oven.  I have a tiny oven, so I couldn't cook them at the same time. 

When we planned the kitchen it never occurred to us that:
  1. In a few short years it would be easier to find/buy a larger stove than the 1970's standard width we still had in the early 1980's.
  2. We'd really need a larger oven for more efficient cooking/baking.
  3. A large proportion of my "standard fare" would be baked.  That includes the meat/poultry and vegetables.
I dread having to find my "next stove." When I bought this one I had very little choice of brands and models.  Redoing the kitchen is outrageously expensive.  My present way of preparing food is terribly time-consuming, because even for these two, not enormous pans, I need separate baking time.  I feel like I spend all day waiting for the oven to be free for the next tray of food to cook.  It's definitely not efficient.


Hadassa said...

Is a lot of your baked food pareve vegetable dishes? Have you considered having multiple large toaster ovens in a built-in arrangement/s? I've seen nice floor-to-ceiling units and carts that accommodate several appliances. (A large whole chicken will fit into a large toaster oven.) That way a meat dish could be baked in one oven while vegetables are being baked in another.

Batya said...

I don't like running multiple appliances. Small won't help. I'd still need at least three batches of parve besides the 1 or 2meat. If I had much larger ovens, I'd do more of my cooking in them taking advantage of bake-serve utensils.

If I had space, I'd buy a large built-in oven.