Thursday, May 19, 2011

Long Walk Yesterday

I'm looking for a map to show you how far I walked yesterday.

This map gives an idea but only to those who know Jerusalem, since there are no street names nor distance key.

To give you an idea, I walked from Matan, which is near the traintrack on the bottom of the map, all the way to town and then down Strauss Street to the road which goes to the Shmuel HaNavi bus stop in Ramat Eshkol, which is just out of the map on top, if I'm not mistaken.  I took a couple of "breaks."  The first was at the Emek Refaim post office to buy stamps for the birthday cards the grandkids had made for three generations of May birthdays in the states.  I even sat a few minutes while waiting my turn. 

Then I walked to the Mamilla Mall to pick up my birthday gift, (not really worth the detour) at Dorin Frankfurt.  After that I stopped into HaGov to refill my water bottle, any excuse to visit my son.  And after that I realized that I'd probably miss the 3pm bus home, and the lightrail still doesn't take passengers, so amazingly I remembered that I could walk to the Shmuel Hanavi stop for the bus.  It would take almost the same time as to the bus station, without the security delay and 5-6 minutes into the trip. 

I got there with time to spare, and when I got on the bus I had a pleasant surprise.  My eldest was on the bus on her way to see the grandkids.  So we sat together and had a nice visit.


Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

I used google maps to get the following information: it is about 4 km from Matan to HaGov, and then 2 km from there to the bus stop at Shmuel HaNavi. that is certainly a long walk!

(to get directions or distances: go to you can put in an address - even in Hebrew - and it will show where it is on the map; then click "directions" and the other address. you can choose "walking directions" rather than driving, because the driving directions are longer, due to one-way streets. you can choose among several routes, and even drag the route if their suggested route is not the one you meant!)

but, just to let you know - there are many buses that go from King George/Strauss to Shmuel HaNavi/Bar Ilan. you don't have to go to the Central Bus Station. there is a bus stop on King George near Yafo, near Ma'afeh Ne'eman. or, if you go uphill on Strauss to the next stop, there are even more buses. at either station, just ask the driver of each bus if he stops at Tzomet Bar Ilan. however, if you do go to the CBS, the line where they put your bags through the xray goes quicker than the one where they look through your bags manually.

also, just a thought - the leftists whine about how the arabs have to go through checkpoints. but the Jews also have to go through checkpoints on the way into Jerusalem too - everyone does! and not only that, have you counted how many times we must walk through a metal detector and let our purse and/or bags be manually examined every time we walk into a mall, store, or restaurant? why does no one complain about how Jews are constantly delayed, inconvenienced and humiliated?

Batya said...

Leah, we're certainly inconvenienced by the checks and the facts that certain roads and areas are juden rein.

Now that I know how far I walked, I understand why I'm so tired. thanks