Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Flu "Shot," Yes or No?

I've never had the flu vaccine.   I can't remember the last vaccine I've ever had.  As a kid I got all they were giving. 
This isn't my school, but it could have been.

I'm the generation that was used to try out every version of the polio vaccine.  We were lined up in the gymnasium, class by class, as a school nurse or whoever stuck the needle in our arms.  Most of us were rather stoic, but there was always someone who cried.  Later on we got it on sugar cubes and then another version.  As an adult I'd joke that if I got one more drop of that virus, I'd be sick with polio.  So when there was a polio scare about twenty-five years ago here, even though I was still in the "danger" age group, the doctor agreed that I didn't need an additional dose of vaccine.

Back to the flu shot.  I've never had it, the shot that is.  But I do get a bad cold, la grippe, which could be the flu.  The problem with that vaccine is that the virus that causes the flu is constantly changing, and the vaccine sometimes isn't equipped to make us immune to the flu of the year.  Flu shots must be up to date, not like my wardrobe.  Nu, any advice?  What are you doing? 

PS when my father was living with us, he got all the vaccines, flu, pneumonia etc. and was healthier than all of us!


Risa said...

I have been taking the flu shots for the last few years, except for last year, when I forgot. I haven't had a bad flu, even last year, when I forgot.
I think they keep on changing the formula as they discover what flu is 'in' this year.
Can't hurt.

rickismom said...

The flue vacine is actually very safe. Why NOT get it? I have for the last several years.

Batya said...

The Kupat cholim hasn't advertised it yet, but I guess I can ask. I do work with people from all over. Thanks