Thursday, October 13, 2011

Succot, Some "Pros and Cons"

Why is Succot the Holiday of Joy? 
  • Unlike Passover, I don't have to scrub the whole house beforehand, change the dishes, etc.
  • Since we eat in a frequently crowded succah, we can simplify meals.
  • In my family, succah building is a man's job.  And I cheerfully thank G-d for making me as He wished.
What do I find difficult about Succot?
  • It's bee season
  • and we eat in succot, which are magnets to bees, and I fear getting stung, since I get awful infections from them.
  • The truth is that Succot is the transition between summer-no rain and winter-yes rain.  That means that we may find ourselves rained out of the succah or that wind will blow the sechach,  special roof off of the succah, making it pasool, forbidden to use as a succah until repaired.  That means that just when we've invited guests to the succah, we'll suddenly have to get the house ready for entertaining.  This could be a problem if your only table and chairs are sopping wet out in the succah.
What can you add to the pros and cons of Succot?

To help you think, here's a Succot song, Harachaman Hu by SoulFarm

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