Sunday, October 02, 2011

Just a couple of hours and then the best vegetable soup....

This is a fast day on the Jewish Calendar.  OK, not everyone fasts on Tzom Gedalya, but I do.  Davka, today's fast is even easier to be "excused" from because it isn't the real day.  Yesterday, 3rd of Tishrei, is the real date, but it was Shabbat.  I have no excuse not to fast.  Pregnancy and breast-feeding are ancient history.  My "baby" is almost 28 years old.  And thank G-d I'm still in good enough health to be fasting.  There are all sorts of medical conditions that not only exempt people from fasting, it requires/demands eating and even fully eating.  I'm not there, thank G-d.

If I had gone to work today, I would have ended up eating, at least early.

I'm at home, being lazy, so there was something really great to do.... make vegetable soup.  I probably should have done some cooking for the upcoming holidays, but... I just couldn't think of dealing with food again.  We just had three days of eating:

2 days of Rosh Hashannah
+ 1 day of Shabbat
= a lot of food and little exercise

I make a really great TNT vegetable soup.  It's easy to make and very flexible.  This time I used:
  • dried peas
  • lentils
  • onions
  • carrots
  • lots of water, some preboiled to make cooking quicker
  • and I'll probably add a small sweet potato
  • I sauteed the vegetables in a bit of oil
  • and soon before it's all finished I'll add the salt, pepper and other spices.
Soon I'll combine the peas and lentils  with the vegetables in a large pot, in which I have been sauteing the vegetables.  This time I used the food processor to cut them.  It makes it quicker cooking and really is easy.  The downside is washing out the food processor.

OK, I do have more to do.  If you try my recipe, please let me know in the comments.


Mrs. S. said...

Sounds delicious!
.צום קל ומועיל

Batya said...

ps smells good, too...