Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Small World

These things actually happen quite a bit.  All by chance a number of friends from my past, people I knew from YU Seminars 45 years ago and from my Stern College class and other friends for decades are registered for the same classes I take at Matan.  Today was the first day for the classes I'm taking.  A newer friend, only over ten years of friendship just joined us.  Someone came over to her to say that she looks familiar.  I then mentioned that they both live in Jerusalem, so maybe they have something in common.
The woman told my friend what street she lives on.
"I used to live on that street."
"Maybe you both shopped in the same supermarket," I offered.
For some reason they both gave me a funny look.  They continued talking and discovered that they had actually lived in the same building.  It's one of the larger buildings where not everyone actually knows each other.  Now they're studying together...

This sort of thing happens all the time here.

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