Saturday, October 01, 2011

First Post of The New Jewish Year, 5772

Honestly, I don't remember exactly when, but sometime during the twenty-five years I only ate vegetarian, I realized that our Rosh Hashannah table needed a "head." My husband and kids never asked for a sheep's head or even a fish head, but I wanted to show that we would be "heads and not tails," so I started the tradition of making a "fruit head." 

This year's "head" now looks a bit "jaundiced" and got some strange reactions.  His nickname is "aged hippie."  He looked fine when I took his picture, in this Rosh Hashannah holiday tableau.  His mouth has shrunk; his hair soon lost its sparkle and began to droop, which gave him his name.

Even though I tried not to cook and serve too much food, I do feel stuffed.  We only had four out of five "heavy" meals, and my "heavy" meals are light/lite compared to most.  I only serve one type of animal protein.  There's no such thing as both fish and meat/poultry at the same meal.  Except for the first, all the night meals were just easy to make geffilte fish, salad and vegetables. That included Seudat Shlishit, the last meal on Shabbat.  I served chicken for three meals and quick and easy meatballs for one.  I also served chicken soup, which my husband makes, but I didn't eat any.

I ended up baking cakes.  One cake was pretty much finished the first night, and another was started by a guest the second day.  The rest of that cake was donated to the Shabbat kiddush at shul, and the other two cakes are in the freezer.  My cakes are easier to bake than choosing which to buy in the supermarket or bakery.  And since I froze a couple, I'm set for a while, since we're not cake eaters, at least not since we began reducing weight.  For Rosh Hashannah I make Applesauce Cake.  I substitute applesauce for some of the liquid, reduce the sugar a bit and add cinnamon.
I don't know if I've ever heard the original of the song "One Day," but it seems to be a very popular one for spoofing, etc.  Latma has a very thoughtful version:
"One Day..."

If you don't know, the star of Latma, who sings here, was actually a singer before he began acting on Latma. One thing for sure is that he's extremely talented.

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