Saturday, October 29, 2011

Suddenly Winter

Yesterday, I barely needed a very light jacket over summer clothes when I went down to Tel Shiloh in the morning, which I'll, bli neder, blog about soonish.  I was even able to go out without a jacket, later in the day when got rid of the recycling plasticI was amazed to see that the "box" is even fuller.  It's almost to the top.

This morning when I went to shul I was warm enough in a good linen jacket.  That was also what I wore when I went to a class early afternoon, but it was chilly when we walked home.  So, later in the afternoon when I took my walk, I had to put on my winter coat!  Usually the day gets warmer, but not today.

Even Thursday night wasn't all that cold.  We went to the IFL Jerusalem Lions tackle football game, and I didn't freeze.  I was wearing two light jackets, my work one and my "other one."

What type of winter will we have?  I really do need some more winter clothes, but I don't have the money to buy.


Mrs. S. said...

What type of winter will we have?
May we be privileged to enjoy a winter filled with rains of blessing!

Shavua tov and besurot tovot!

Batya said...

amen! G-d willing