Friday, October 21, 2011

A Bit of Normalicy for Gilad Shalit

I'd recommend long sleeves. 

I don't know the original source of the picture, since I got it from a facebook friend, but I'm surprised that Gilad Shalit is out in the sun in short sleeves.  I'm glad that he has the energy and "drive" (internal/emotional strength) to go out on his bike so soon after his release.

Generally it takes a while for people to get used to the feeling of the sun after being indoors for a period of time.  One of my sons was seriously injured after being hit by a small truck.  He spent two weeks in Hadassa Ein Kerem Hospital and then was transferred to Alyn Pediatric Orthopedic Hospital for another two weeks.  Only in Alyn could his bed be wheeled outside to the natural sunlight.  The first time we took him out, he screamed from pain.  The "raw" sun on his skin really hurt him after only two weeks indoors.  I don't remember how long it took for his body to get used to the sun.

PS my feelings about the potentially dangerous agreement for Gilad Shalit's release have nothing to do with my wishes for his good health and return to normal life.


Leora said...

I hate to be critical, but I want to know if anyone in Israel who is an adult wears a helmet while riding a bike. Sigh.

I guess we both look at Gilad and think motherly thoughts.

I am with you on your PS.

Batya said...

I have seen some adults with helmets. I wish my son would agree to join that club. Actually, I saw a neighbor wearing one recently. OK, he was riding with his kids and probably wanted to show a good example.