Saturday, October 15, 2011

Caption This Tableau

It's a good thing my camera is always ready to shoot.  When my friend and I were walking the other day we saw crowds of people.  Not being the type to stop and join, we kept going and walked right by the center of attention.  I whipped out my camera, of course, and shot this.

How would you caption it?  What's the story according to your imagination?


Hadassa said...

"Their heels may be high, but they still don't quite reach the ground."
There they were, sitting in the center of the pedestrian mall, on the highest stools around, drawing the attention of all passersby. The stools were high, their skirts were short. Their heels were also quite high, and yet they did not reach the ground. Fortunately a photographer was on hand to capture the moment for posterity.
(This time I'm probably not even close.)

Batya said...

There's nothing right, nor wrong here. It was a strange scene and needs a caption and story or more...