Monday, October 24, 2011

"Until 120," Good or Bad?

There's a popular blessing in Hebrew:
עד מאה עשרים
ad me'ah esrim
until 120

That's to bless someone with a full life, longer than King David's seventy (70) years. 

Old age isn't always a blessing, certainly for those without enough money to make it safe and comfortable.  It isn't easy when suddenly, why does it always seem so sudden?, the strong independent parents can no longer care for themselves.

Last night I had a ride home with someone who suddenly, very suddenly because of an "age-caused" car accident has to take care of parents.  One of the things is that many continue driving yes, legally, when they shouldn't be.  Their reaction and judgment are faulty.

Many elderly are "offended" when they're retested before being able to renew their drivers license, but it seems that those precautions aren't enough.  I have a friend who discovered that her father had continued driving even when he was functionally blind.  Her mother would tell him when to slow, stop and turn.  Finally "the kids" made them give up the car.

My favorite episode of "Everyone Loves Raymond" is the one in which they discover that his father, Frank, shouldn't be driving.


David Tzohar said...

Baruch Hashem my parents live(until 120 in an assisted living facility in Pennsylvania where all their needs are taken care of. This took a great worry off my shoulders. On the other hand my MIL(Risa's mother) refuses to consider leaving her house where she lives alone. This puts a great burden on my BIL and SIL. In the meantime she can barely manage but this situation can't last forever. She should only be granted health by Hashem-until 120-(35 more years.

Batya said...

David, please send regards to your parents. It's wonderful that they're together in a place that helps take care of them. Risa's mother isn't the only old woman holding onto a house in Queens. My aunt won't leave hers; she has been there over sixty years. May G-d give them all health to manage and us the health to help them.