Friday, October 28, 2011

Making Money?

I'm just one of those people who doesn't really know how to make money.  Even my jobs.  I end up with low-paying ones, which is difficult.  And I never really planned my post-work life, pensions, very seriously.

I've tried marketing myself as a Diet Coach.  I end up sabotaging that by giving too much advice for free.

All I get from my blogs are free books to review which is nice, but doesn't pay the grocer.  Is it possible to make money from blogging?  Experts talk about the chances being dependent on the number of people who visit the blogs.  Well, I'm not there.  There just aren't enough of you.

My husband sent me a like about a job I'd never get, tasting for Haagen Dazs.  And if I did get a job like that, my weight would triple.  I just don't have the metabolism for it.  I treat myself to their mint ice cream when in the states; I don't got there too often.

I have some ads on my blogs, which I should really remove, since I haven't gotten any money from them for over a year or longer.

Sorry to sound like a kvetch.


Leora said...

Yes, blogging is not an easy way to make money, especially now that there is so much competition.

Usually the money makers are selling a product related to their topic (such as an e-book). Some have a bit of success with affiliate marketing - you are a salesperson for a product. I have made a tiny bit of money selling my web host's services to a few of my clients.

What is a product that people need that you can provide? You can still do the diet coaching, for example, if you figure out better boundaries (what to give for free as advertising and when to charge). Maybe someone has a great diet product, and you can work as an affiliate for them. Though lots of people are selling junky diet products - buyer beware.

Hadassa said...

How about a diet blog? Advertise related items: foods, low-cal cookbooks, exercise equipment, exercise books, exercise CD's,, etc

Batya said...

Leora, Hadassa, I see there are people doing it, but I can't imagine how, and I don't have the required volume of hits per day.