Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grilled Chicken Livers, Marvelous at Marvad

A couple of weeks ago, a friend invited me out to dinner.  We ate at the Emek Refaim, Jerusalem branch of Marvad Haksamim.  We ate there for two reasons.  One was that it was close to Matan, where we were scheduled to attend an Al HaPerek event, and second was because she had a coupon.

Decades ago, there was only one Marvad Haksmim, and it was legendary.  Then various "independent" branches opened; each one was different.  From what I understand, that's still the situation, so this review only covers the Emek Refaim restaurant.

At my friend's recommendation I ordered the chicken livers.  Because of kashrut, all livers must be grilled.  Blood and fat drip out into the fire, so there are probably fewer calories than the charts indicate.

I took side dishes of cole slaw, which was not American style, and fresh green salad, Israeli style.  My usual restaurant "meat" meal is chicken salad, broiled chicken breasts served on fresh salad.  Since I live on a low carbohydrate diet, I'm always on the look-out for suitable dishes, especially those I don't make at home.

Marvad's chicken liver was delicious.  Service was good, and I'm glad that my friend recommended it.

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