Monday, October 03, 2011

The First HH of the Year!

Ya'aqov ended, and Ya'aqov began...
Yes, 5772's first Havel Havalim is to be found at Esser Agaroth.  Ya'aqov has pulled a double-header of sorts, since he had also hosted the previous one, just a few days ago. 

Thank you, Ya'aqov!  You're definitely top joblogger, and you have been for quite a while.

Ya'aqov's standards haven't dropped.  HH #332 presents an excellent edition, worth lots more than ten agaroth, which are worth lots more than 2 cents.  As the American economy continues to sink in relation to the Israeli one, will Ya'aqov change the name of his blog?

Please share it around, check out the links, share them, too. Send in your own posts to the next edition, and you can also host.    And remember that there are two other jblog carnivals, Kosher Cooking Carnival and JPIXMore details here.

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