Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Walking The Bridge

One of the modern "to do's" in Jerusalem, especially for walkers, is to "walk the bridge," the String Bridge that is. 

You can combine it with a ride on the lightrail between Kiryat Moshe and the Central Bus Station, in either direction.  The day I took these pictures I needed to get from Kiryat Moshe to the bus station, so I just walked it via the bridge, saving me all sorts of annoying, time-wasting and not always that safe traffic lights.

As you can see, not only pedestrians enjoy the bridge.

This bike rider had the same idea. 


David Tzohar said...

Now that we live in Kiriat Moshe we cross the bridge all the time. To tell the truth I think that it is ultra-ugly.

Batya said...

Taste is individual. I think it's lovely but it just doesn't match the area or the city of Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

the actual bridge kind of matches. the big pole, not so much.